Japanese Visual Kei Singer in Harajuku w/ Kawaii Pink, Asakura Garo & Opanchu Usagi

Erunyan is a Japanese visual kei singer for the band Awake who we spotted on the street in Harajuku wearing a bright pink kawaii style.

Erunyan is wearing a jacket painted by the Japanese outsider artist Shuhei Tsuji of Asakura Garo, with a handmade top, countless kawaii accessories including Kirby, Opanchu Usagi, and items from Harajuku’s Ai to Kyouki no Market, handmade sarueru pants, and boots painted by Asakura Garo.

Erunyan told us that his favorite musical groups include Hide and L’Arc en Ciel. Follow him on Instagram or Twitter, or check his official band website for more information on Erunyan and Awake.

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