This is Akari, an 18-year-old Bunka Fashion College student. Her short blonde hair with a vibrant patch of pink is complemented by an outfit that includes a retro top with a postcard print and a maxi blue pleated skirt from a used clothing shop. She’s also wearing a skinny turquoise belt and carrying a fabric bag from Pass the Baton. Her two-tone sneakers are from a used clothing shop.

Accessories include two earrings, an ear stud and an ear spike. When we asked Akari about her favorite place to shop for fashion the answer was The Virigin Mary. She also told us her favorite music is by Droog and tokyokarankoron.

If you read Japanese, you can find out more Akari on her blog.

Retro Top & Maxi Pleated Skirt

Pink & blonde hair w/ postcard print top

Girl with blonde & pink hair in Harajuku

Matching ear hoops

Ear stud & spike

Tote bag from Pass the Baton

Two-tone sneakers & pleated maxi skirt

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  1. i dig this look. reminds me slightly of tsuchiya anna’s character in “shimotsuma no monogatari.”

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