We met this cool couple in Harajuku. The girl on the right with a bob haircut is Kei, a 21-year-old furita (temp worker). She’s wearing a sweater from Comme des Garcons with a short double-breasted jacket and a ribbon-trimmed chiffon skirt. She’s also wearing striped socks and short black wingtip boots. Her floral tapestry bag is handmade.

The guy on the left with red sunglasses is KP, a 20-year-old company employee. His denim jacket, which has large lettering on the back, is from Roc Star x Lee. He’s also wearing a gray hoodie and dark pants for Phenomenon. His shoes are bright plaid hightop sneakers.

Kei told us her favorite fashion source is Candy Stripper and she likes the music of Avril Lavigne. KP likes clothing from A Bathing Ape and Supreme. He favorite music is by Nitro and Macka-Chin.
Commes des Garcons vs. Star x Lee

Double-breasted jacket

Bobbed hair

Handmade tapestry bag

Striped socks and short boots

Roc Star x Lee denim jacket

Roc Star lettering on denim jacket

Plaid hightop sneakers

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  1. First

    The guys outfit looks kinda random, love the girls boots and socks


  2. Angela \^-^/

    I wish we had more of a close up on his belt. >3< That's ok, though. I got a closer look at his shoes. Love them, and his jacket. :)

  3. Reicheru

    I love the skirt ,boots and the sock the girl has , and the guys plaid high tops and jacket rock!!

  4. Amazing! I love her haircut. I remember last time I was in Tokyo I noticed a lot of the cool girls wearing those kind of early 90’s mushroom cuts. Its coming back!