Here’s a stylish girl with eye-catching pink-purple-blue dip dye hair who we spotted on the street in Shibuya.

In addition to her colorful hairstyle, she’s wearing a long cable knit sweater as a dress, graphic tights, and Jeffrey Campbell “Skate” wooden wedge shoes. Accessories include ribbon hair bows, a choker (with a cross charm), and a large leather Prada purse.

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  1. Oh my Gosh, she´s adorable! Love the pink eyebrows and the dip dye hair and what a cute face! (*_*)

  2. Johanness

    I love, love, love her hair and over all look! Her make-up and hair are my absolute favourites though! She’s SO adorable, I totally adore how she looks!

  3. Oh my God! Her look is awesome!
    Love the hair, the same colors that Juria has right now! Is trending right?
    and the shoes too xD
    But she looks so original!

  4. I love how the hair was being used as an accessory poping against the white cable knit sweater. the kind of punk rock pink, purple, to blue almost steals ur attention and draws it directly to to her softly painted face. I love the fact that the tights as well could be a statement piece but with the sweater there it lightens the load. I love the victorian inspired wedge that comes into play. I feel lik that may b a little conflicting thou. I normaly don’t lik outfits wit so many statement pieces

  5. but with the wsy the artist played with them kind of toning it down a bit dosent makes the asemble not as conflicting as I thought id b

  6. Does ANYONE know where these tights are from? They’re AMAZING.

  7. is there a name for this makeup look, where they put pink under their eye, ive seen it a couple of times?

  8. well with the hair and make up being a statement of their own i like how she kept it simple but sharp for the rest of the outfit.i’m loving this look as an ensemle having though to exclude the shoes.

  9. just perfect, from head to toe. especially the hair and the shoes!!!♥

  10. They look like a little angel!! Love everyttthiiing

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