Grimoire Corset & Black Mesh Stockings

This is Noguchi, another fan of the popular Grimoire resale shop that’s so well known for its Dolly style. She’s wearing a red corset over a short white dress – both items are from Grimoire. Her black mesh stocking and booties add a sophisticated touch and coordinate with her black umbrella.

Noguchi is wearing some interesting accessories around her neck, including a magnifying glass from Grimoire and a large tassel. Her whimsical tapestry bag features cute puppies and her watch features artwork from the anime HeartCatch PreCure!

Noguchi told us her favorite places to shop are Grimoire and The Virgin Mary vintage store. Her favorite types of music are electro and anisong (anime songs).

Grimoire dress & corset with black mesh stockings

Grimoire corset & umbrella

Grimoire magnifying glass & large tassel

Tapestry bag with puppies

Anime watch and glass bead bracelet

Black mesh stockings & booties

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  1. 1.

    Amy (August 27, 2010)

    <3 the corset and the skirt.

  2. 2.

    tomolan (August 27, 2010)

    Not bad.

  3. 3.

    tomolan (August 27, 2010)

    Not bad. Very detailed…

  4. 4.

    Stephanie (August 27, 2010)

    woooow nice outfit, cute watch ;)

  5. 5.

    erica (August 27, 2010)

    she’s adorable!
    really interesting outfit :3

  6. 6.

    Kim (August 27, 2010)

    This is great! I love all the detail! =D & the bag & her bangs! <3

  7. 7.

    SUKI (August 27, 2010)

    just say “WOW” *D*
    the shoes are love <3

  8. 8.

    Dominique (August 28, 2010)

    I love how she has alot of necklaces hanging from her neck. I love the pattern of the stockings also. :)

  9. 9.

    Jules (August 30, 2010)

    Loving the necklaces

  10. 10.

    Lactose Intoler-Art (November 18, 2010)

    I love her hair!

  11. 11.

    Chu (March 29, 2011)

    I’ve seen those tight’s alot of times they sure are popular! *w*

  12. 12.

    Amélie (April 25, 2011)

    I love the shoes ! <3

  13. 13.

    Amy (April 28, 2011)

    I dont know how I ended up coming back to this one, but I still want her entire outfit! <3

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