We spotted these two friendly girls – Akari and Rei, both 16 years old – from Tokyo’s “hadeko” subculture on the street in Harajuku recently. Hadeko is a variation of Japanese decora fashion, and you can see all of the colorful decora fun in their looks.

Akari is the one to the right. She is wearing a resale tie-dye t-shirt with a colorful petals skirt and striped tights. She carries a My Little Pony bag which she got at Sevens, the Tokyo resale shop. Her pastel wings sneakers are from Swimmer, and her accessories are from Claire’s: lots of hair accessories, stickers, necklaces and bracelets, all made of plastic. She also carries a bunny backpack and she told us she likes to shop at Panama Boy and Nile Perch. You can find her on Twitter for more information.

Rei is pictured to the left, wearing a resale tie-dye t-shirt and colorful pants. She accessorized with a tie-dye cap, lots of hair accessories, layered necklaces, a Sponge Bob pouch, plastic rings and bracelets. She is also wearing Nike sneakers and an eye print backpack with a plushie snake hung to it. Rei’s favorite shop is Panama Boy (Harajuku resale), and she listens to Kanjani Eight. Find her on Twitter for updates.

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  1. Elena~^^

    Rainbows + Spongebob worn by pretty women = Amazing :D