Here are two extra-super colorfully dressed Japanese girls who we met crossing the street in Harajuku. They were both extremely friendly!

The girls’ outfits feature way too many details to try to explain, but a few notable items are the cute Panda sneakers, lots and lots of decora bows and accessories, handcuffs as a hair accessory, drawing and stickers on their faces, cute tulle skirts, a Candy Stripper x Snoopy bag, SpongeBob, rainbow socks, a boom box purse, a squirt gun (watch out!), and so much more. Check all of the pictures and see all of the decora fun for yourself!

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.


  1. Auntie-Aku

    So lovely! I especially love the rainbow socks and the button-har-thingies!

  2. Let me guess, they were cought heading to clown school for late aftenoon cram lessons? Cute, the outfit is pretty perfect.

  3. explosion is the right word for this!
    so refreshing to see a street snap that’s so extreme and not “uniform” for once. :)

  4. Awesome One

    It looks like a rainbow threw up on them

  5. Angie miller

    I don’t think the hat on the right is the best.