We photographed these two cute Japanese girls in their retro hippie summer clothes in Harajuku. They both work in the apparel industry. The girl on the left with the blonde bob is Satomi. She’s wearing a lace trimmed top under a black top from Casbah and Lee denim shorts. Her stylish black bag is from Kawa Kawa and her black boots are from a shoe store in Shibuya.

The girl on the right with auburn hair is Ichise. Her Mexican peasant dress is from a vintage store. Her handmade crochet granny square bag is from Cayhane. Ichise’s accessories include long beaded earrings and bare summer sandals.

Satomi’s favorite shops are Abbieannia, Casbah and Yuyu. Ichise likes to shop at vintage and resale stores, as well as at Jeanasis. She likes the music of Chara and Jam.
Lee denim shorts & vintage peasant dress

Blonde bob & Casbah top

Kawa Kawa black bag with large button closure

Black boots from Shibuya shop

Vintage peasant dress & beaded earrings

Braided auburn hair & long bead earrings

Crochet granny square bag from Cayhane

Summer sandals & blue toenails

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  1. Wow, she has a tattoo? And in a visible place no less. I’m surprised, it’s so much more taboo in Japan to get one.

  2. hamanohito

    Japanese girl don’t get tattoo for show someone.
    for us it is like secret accessory for myself.
    in addition, usually tattoo like she has is fake. it is sticker.

  3. Love the green on her – it almost looks like a night gown but suits her style.

  4. Wow, I bought a dress just like her’s but in pink just the other day from a thrift shop in Melbourne!