Akimi is an 18-year-old who works as a shoe store staffer. Her stylish look includes a black top and gray jacket from NYJ. She bought her striped pants in the Koenji area of Tokyo.

Akimi is carrying a unique handbag from G2? that’s made from an old vinyl record. Her military cap is a replica of an American Civil War cap.

When we asked Akima about her favorite shopping venues, she told us she likes resale and vintage shops. She also told us we could visit her MySpace web page.
NYJ, G2? & Civil War Cap

NYJ jacket & Civil War cap

G2? purse made from vinyl record

Striped pants & fishnet stockings

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  1. Abiabigail

    cool bag and chic pants! I love her flawless face.

  2. Love those trousers they make her legs look so long, i must get myself a pair of these!

  3. how very beetlejuice of her, pants wise. <3 it.

  4. non sibi

    She called herself Mash too :)

  5. Dmitri Makarov

    She is the coolest Japanese girl I have ever seen in my life!
    Bag is amazing and black top is very stylish.
    Hat is to top it all- very nicely put together and the outfit suits the attitude- very fierce and sexy looks! :)

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