Here’s a friendly Harajuku girl in plaid with long pink hair who caught our eye while walking along Meiji Dori.

Her outfit – which features items from the legendary Harajuku brand Pink House – includes a plaid dress with a red tied cardigan, a pink bomber jacket, a red petticoat, and pink polka dot sneakers (hidden under the long dress). Accessories include a cute hair bow, a Pink House plaid Teddy Bear, and a red Vivienne Westwood armor ring.

If you’d like to see more pictures, of her, check out her official blog!

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  1. Her hair is awesome! It seems too long to be real, but at the same time it looks too natural for a wig, haha.c:
    Also Pink House is awesome, those 70’s Harajuku vibes!

  2. Elizabete, Salmissra, where I live that length of hair is really common so it’s not impossible! Also her ends seem a bit damaged and you can see darker roots so I’m betting on either all natural hair or (imo less probable) hair extensions. Whatever it is it’s like unicorn barf and I love it! She seems like a really sweet and lovely person (:

  3. She wears hair extensions !
    You can see her real hair stops between her shoulders and her bust ^__~

  4. ciel noir

    She is adorable! Love the pink eyelashes and liner around her eyes to match her hair!

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