Keko is a 16 year old student – with a stylish bob hairstyle and red lipstick – who we met in Harajuku.

Keko is wearing a knee length white dress (with matching collar) from I Am I, a gray polka dot cardigan sweater, and white canvas sneakers with ruffle socks. Her cool tote bag features a graphic of the solar system with buttons for each planet.

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  1. lovely dress, cute cardie and girls face too…she looks lovely :) I just wish she does not wear contact lenses…

  2. Minoririn

    Love the whole look!! especially the bag, so cute!!

  3. OOOHWW Her bag is AWESOME ! I have’nt seen any bag as cool as her !!!
    Haha, Amazing, I want it ! :’D
    Ohw, and she’s so cute ! I love her eyes ♥ Good Job !