Halloween might not be a traditional Japanese holiday, but that doesn’t stop Japan from celebrating as if it were. People in costume – often on their way to Halloween parties – are noticeable on the streets of Harajuku and Shibuya during October weekends.

On this final weekend before Halloween, we headed out to the area around Shibuya Station to snap people in costume. Beyond the awesome visuals, we find that dressed-up people on their way to Halloween parties tend to be in very good moods. That means that we have a lot of fun taking pictures (and making new friends). We hope that you’ll enjoy looking at these Halloween street snaps as much as we enjoyed shooting them!

Click on any of the Shibuya street snaps to enlarge them.

Thank-you and Happy Halloween to all of the nice people who let us photograph them in costume!


  1. OMG ! So much ideas ! Special mention goes to kiki’s delivery service o/ And the group of Rambo Girls ! :D
    really, i’d like that Halloween be more popular in my country, seems so fun to disguise !

  2. Props go to that girl with the amazing headpiece, the power rangers cosplayers and the hyper-sexualized ”military” girls. GOTTA LOVE JAPAN!!

  3. That was epic in Harujuku. I like how some costumes are interesting and familiar. There is Kiki Delivery Service, Spirited Away, One Piece, Power Rangers, PowerPuff Girls, Genie (Aladdin) – did not know he lost a lot of weight, Sailor Senshi Group (Sailor Moon), and all other zombies, demons, and sweets.

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  5. Классная подборка! Увидел даже ту пару костюмов ведьмочек, которые есть у меня в магазине.
    Больше всего впечатлила орава пауэр рейнджерс!

  6. Mikuchiwa

    Waw !! So beauty ! And those cosplay are fabulous :3

  7. SNSD Taxi!?!?!??! Power Puff Girls was so cute!
    WHAT CAMERA DO YOU USE??? You take such amazing photos!