This cute blonde girl is Shioko, a 20-year-old artist and book store staffer. Her vintage look consists of layered tops from Virgin Mary over a long cotton lace-embellished skirt. Her shoes are two-tone Dr. Martens oxfords.

Shioko’s small leather satchel-style purse is from Tarock (her favorite shop). She’s also carrying a shoulder bag printed with cute cartoon characters. A white linen cap completes her look.
Virgin Mary, Tarock & Dr. Martens

Virgin Mary cotton tops

Tote with cartoon print

Tarock leather purse

Dr. Martens two tone oxfords

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  1. i love the shoes with the outfit. it’s mixes things up a bit, makes it more interesting than if she were to wear dainty white shoes too.

  2. Simply beautiful. The bag & shoes really stand up in this all-light scenario. She looks much elegant and the socks just finish it up like whipped cream.

  3. i want i want i want i want i want THAT TOTE!!!!!