Here’s Nakada, a 17-year-old high school student. She’s wearing a Ne-net t-shirt and a handmade crochet sweater from Kinji with a short striped skirt from Uniqlo. Her “Dude, Man, We Love Japan” fabric bag is from Ksubi. She’s also wearing black socks trimmed with white ruffles and black rocking horse shoes from Vivienne Westwood

Nakada’s accessories include a unique ring made from a zipper pull, a Vivienne Westwood silver ring and three silver stud bracelets.

When we asked Nakada about her favorite fashion brand the answer was Uniqlo. She also told us her favorite musical group is Asian Kung Fu Generation.
Kinji crochet sweater & Uniqlo skirt

Ne-net t-shirt & Kinji sweater in Harajuku

"Dude, Man, We Love Japan" Ksubi bag

Zipper ring & Vivienne Westwood ring

Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes

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  1. Love it. Because of her shoes her legs look endless. She could be a model.

  2. Shes really pretty, really like the outfit too

  3. CinHelloKitty

    I n c r e i b l e s los zapatos!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. she’s just too cute, look at this baby face!! ^.^
    i love her look and frilly socks but i’d have choose another design of rocking shoes personnally; most certainly from Tokyo Bopper ♥

  5. I can never walked in those shoes.. so i really admire anyone who could walk in it!! I love this girl’s style.. it looks simple, and you can never go wrong with the black-white combination :)

  6. nice combination but with one pair off nude tights i think that be better

  7. Does anyone know where I can buy the bag? I would love to get one myself!