6%DOKIDOKI Harajuku Street Style w/ Kawaii Fashion & Colorful Hair, Nile Perch, Vintage Items & Office Kiko Glitter Shoes

Catching our attention on the streets of Tokyo is Emiry, the longtime Harajuku girl and 6%DOKIDOKI staffer we often feature on our Harajuku street snaps.

Sporting blue-and-pink hair in braided tails, Emiry stepped out in a resale green jacket, which she wore over a pink plaid camisole and striped turtleneck. She styled her layered tops with a pink braided belt, donned a blue striped skirt with white lace trims from Romantic Standard, striped ankle socks layered with pink socks, and stepped into babydoll glitter shoes from Office Kiko by Kiko Mizuhara. Emiry embellished her style with accessories – some handmade and some from 6%DOKIDOKI – such as hair bows, layered bead necklaces, cute earrings, a Nile Perch badge, and a resale cat print tote bag. Blue contact lenses, pink eye makeup and pink lipstick are the finishing touches to her look.

Emiry mentions that 6%DokiDoki is her favorite fashion brand, and she likes listening to music from X1, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Nature. For more of her styles and social media update, follow Emiry on Instagram.

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