6%DokiDoki Staffer w/ Two-Tone Hair, Gauged Ears, Aika Electronics Choker, WRouge, Galaxxxy, H&M Batman Pants, Furry Bag & YRU Platform Sneakers

Easily catching our eye on the Harajuku street is Elian with their two-tone pink-and-blue hair and print-on-print ensemble.

The 25-year-old 6%DokiDoki staffer stepped out in a black WRouge asymmetric mesh vest, which they wore over a black 3/4 sleeve shirt with hotdog sandwich prints from Galaxxxy and black Batman print drawstring pants from H&M. YRU platform sneakers with studs, sequins and yellow laces completed their outfit. They embellished their look with accessories such as a red Aika Electronics choker, colorful spiral hair ties worn as bracelets, leather bracelets from H&M, a yellow chain and a silver knuckle ring. In addition, Elian is sporting a furry chain strap sling bag with prints from 6%DokiDoki.

Elian’s fashion favorites are 6%DokiDoki, ACDC Rag and Galaxxxy, and they enjoy music from The Gazette, NCT, Ateez, and Codomo Dragon. Check out Elian on Instagram.

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