Accessory Designer in Tokyo w/ Face Mask, Patent Leather Jacket, Layered Tops, Wide Leg Culottes, Bento Bag & Chunky Sneakers

While out on the streets of Tokyo, we came across Felipe Cavieres, a fashion designer.

Felipe stepped out in a black jacket with patent leather panels, worn over a black shirt with white collar trims and a red sweater with black-and-white trims. They also wore black wide-leg cropped culottes, black tights, and chunky black sneakers with contrast orange laces, which are bought in Chile. Felipe embellished their style with a black mask, layered necklaces, and multiple knuckle rings, most of which are their own designs. In addition, they are also carrying a black mesh bento bag.

Darkwear clothing brand, Minoar, is Felipe’s favorite fashion brand, and they love listening to the music of Blackpink. Follow Felipe on Twitter and Instagram.

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