All Black 99%IS- Street Style w/ Blond Hair, Studded Leather Jacket, Leather Pants, Puffer Jacket & Vintage Boots

We came across 19-year-old Keito, whose blond hair and all-black outfit caught our attention in Harajuku.

The fashion college student went out wearing pieces from 99%IS- such as a studded leather jacket over a pale blue printed top. He also wore 99%IS- black leather pants with studs and zipper trims along the sides. Keito tucked them into vintage black leather boots with buckles and a lace-up design. He bundled up in a black puffer jacket from 99%IS- and hid a black printed headband under his blond bangs. Black eye makeup, black earrings, and a lip ring completed his look.

As for his favorites, Keito loves fashion brand 99%IS-, punk music, and songs from Ghostemane and Pharaoh. He is also active on Instagram.

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