All Black Harajuku Streetwear Style w/ Fringed Bob, O-Ring Choker, Faux Leather Coat, Utility Vest, Pleated Skirt, Waist Bag & Thigh High Boots

Clad in an all black streetwear style on the Harajuku street is Yoshimi, a 16-year-old student.

Sporting a fringed bob, Yoshimi’s all black style consists of a faux leather coat with striped trims, a utility vest and a black sweatshirt. She also wore a short pleated skirt and finished off her ensemble with thigh high leather lace-up boots. A black leather o-ring choker, a black leather leg harness, multiple silver connecting knuckle rings, and a black leather waist bag strapped across her chest are the finishing touches to her look.

Check out Yoshimi’s style feed on Instagram.

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