All Black Hare Street Style w/ Colored Chains, O-Ring Choker, Body Harness, Polo Ralph Lauren & Rageblue Lace-Up Shoes

It’s hard to miss Sugo in his all black streetwear outfit with colorful chains while we were out and about on the Harajuku street one evening.

The 19-year-old student is dressed in a Hare outfit, consisting of a black long sleeve button down shirt and black pants. Yellow-and-blue striped socks, and black patent leather lace-up shoes from Rageblue finished off his ensemble. He embellished his stark all black outfit with colorful accessories from Hare and Polo Ralph Lauren such as multiple small hoop earrings, a black leather o-ring collar with multiple colored chain attachments, a black body harness, silver chains, silver rings, and a printed silk necktie hanging down the side of his pants.

Japanese streetwear label, Comme des Garcons, is Sugo’s fashion favorite, and he likes listening to the music of Yellow Claw. Check out Sugo’s monochrome streetwear style feed on Instagram.

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