All Black Japanese Streetwear w/ Tenga T-Shirt, Dickies Shorts, New Rock Strap Shoes & BlackMeans Knuckle Duster Lighter Holder

We met Atsushi, a 16-year-old teen whose street style easily caught our attention on the Harajuku street.

Sporting teal hair underneath his black newsboy cap, Atsushi is dressed in a black t-shirt with blue “Love Me Tenga” center print from Tenga, resale Dickies long black shorts, black ribbed socks, and black platform shoes from New Rock which feature studded straps and metal fixtures. Aside from his cap, Atsushi donned accessories such as a silver nose ring, a snakeskin double grommet belt, a blue printed necktie tied to his belt, a Blackmeans knuckle duster lighter holder, black-framed eyeglasses, and other items hanging from a silver keychain holder.

Atsushi mentioned that he loves to listen to the music of Fox4g.

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