All Black Punk Streetwear Styles in Harajuku w/ Mask, Safety Pin Statement Necklace, Poor Thing Shirt, ABVHVN Face Shirt, Tripp NYC, BlackMeans & Dr. Martens Boots

Easily catching our eye with their all black punk streetwear styles on the Harajuku street are Ren and Tatsuki.

At the left is Tatsuki Ohta, a 19-year-old office worker. He stepped out in a Kika x Sus Boy “Poor Thing” t-shirt, which he loosely tucked into skinny strap and zipper pants from Tripp NYC. He stepped into black Dr. Martens boots with white laces, and accessorized with small silver hoop earrings, a silver cross necklace, a black grommet belt, a studded leather bracelet, a silver chain bracelet, and multiple knuckle rings. Most of his accessories are from Blackmeans. Tatsuki enjoys listening to hip hop music, and he is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Ren Yamamori is dressed in a black t-shirt with a white face print from ABVHVN and black cuffed pants with ripped detailing. Black leather zip-up boots, a white mask, silver hoop earrings, a safety pin statement necklace layered with another silver necklace, and black nail polish rounded out his style. Lil Peep is Ren’s favorite music artist.

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