All Black Ruffles Style w/ Yellow Hair, H&M Tassel Earrings, Zara Blouse, Uniqlo Midi Skirt & Tokyo Bopper Cutout Shoes

While out and about on the streets of Harajuku we came across Natsuki, a 21-year-old beauty school student.

Sporting yellow hair with short bangs, Natsuki stepped out in a long-sleeved Zara blouse with an asymmetrical ruffle collar and bow, which she tucked into a Uniqlo midi ruffle skirt. Pink socks, black cutout Tokyo Bopper shoes, and a black leather round sling bag completed her ensemble. In addition, Natsuki donned pink H&M tassel earrings to finish off her style.

For more of her streetwear styles, check out Natsuki on Instagram.

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