All Black Styles at Bunka Fashion College w/ Limi Feu Long Coat, Style Nanda Cropped Blazer, Sly, This Is Never That, Studious, Kenzo Round Sling & Yosuke Platforms

Catching our eye at Bunka Fashion College with their all black streetwear styles are Shizuki and Yuina, two 19-year-old students.

At the left sporting a short blunt bob is Shizuki, who is clad in a Style Nanda cropped blazer, a round neck t-shirt from This Is Never That, tucked into black pants with side pockets and ruched cuffs. A pair of Yosuke lace-up platform boots, multiple ear studs and hoop earrings rounded out her minimalist all black look.

Meanwhile, Yuina stepped out in a Limi Feu long coat with side slits, which she wore over a Sly mock-neck blouse and long skirt with fringed hem flaps from Studious. The 19-year-old student finished off her look with black socks, black studded ankle-wrap heeled sandals, a dark purple mohair beret, multiple ear studs and a dark purple round sling bag from Kenzo. Yuina loves to shop at Studious, and she likes the music of Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber. For more of her streetwear styles, follow Yuina on Instagram.

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