All Black Tokyo Style w/ Unicorn Ponytail, Lace Choker, Sheer Lingerie Dress Over Gypsy Dress, Corset Belt, Coach, OZZ, Mishka Backpack & Ankle Boots

While out and about on the streets of Tokyo, we came across Anemone whose unicorn colored hair and all-black outfit easily caught our eye.

Anemone is dressed in a long-sleeve gypsy style dress with a roped neck detail, which they layered with a sheer babydoll lingerie dress with lace trims and a polka-dot pattern. They styled their dress with a multi-strap corset belt, donned sheer black socks with a floral print embroidery and stepped into a pair of black lace-up ankle booties with contrast red trims. Anemone embellished their outfit with multiple silver ear piercings, a black lace choker with silver chains, a silver chain bracelet and a silver knuckle ring. Some of their accessories are from Coach and Ozz. In addition, they are carrying a black Milka backpack with gold zippers and strappy trims.

Check out Anemone’s style feed on Instagram.

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