Americana-Themed Streetwear Style in Harajuku w/ Denim Bucket Hat, Gallerie Hoop Earrings, Tommy Hilfiger Stars & Stripes Shirt, M&Ms Backpack & Converse Suede Sneakers

Easily catching our eye on the Harajuku street with his red, white and blue Americana-themed ensemble is Hikaru, an 18-year-old student.

Hikaru stepped out in a Tommy Hilfiger stars and stripes shirt with a denim collar, which he paired with resale red-and-white striped pants. Red suede sneakers from Converse, a red M&M’s plushie backpack, and accessories such as a denim patchwork bucket hat, red hoop earrings, and a red-and-white striped belt rounded out his color-coordinated outfit. His accessories are sourced from Gallerie.

San To Nibun No Ichi is Hikaru’s favorite fashion brand, and he is active on Instagram.

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