An/Eddy Knitwear Designer Harajuku Street Style w/ Balmung, Otoe, An/Eddy & Un Cinq

While out on a recent trip on the Harajuku streets, we came across Chihiro Hasunuma, designer of the Japanese knitwear fashion brand, An/Eddy. Her striking outfit definitely caught our eye.

Chihiro is dressed in a long multi-color knit dress from An/Eddy, which she wore over a turtleneck top layered with a long sleeve button shirt, and resale black accordion-pleat pants from Otoe. Her choice of outerwear is a black faux shearling coat from Balmung. She capped off her style with black wingtip zipper boots from Dr. Martens, a vintage beaded purse from Un Cinq, and handmade drop earrings from An/Eddy.

Balmung, Natsumi Zama, An/Eddy, Aquvii, Wall and Un Cinq are some of Chihiro’s favorite fashion brands, and she likes the music of Bonobo and Maggie Rogers Henning Schmidt. For more on Chihiro and An/Eddy, follow her on Instagram.

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