aNANA Tih Sayim Fashion Designer’s Street Style w/ Twin Braids, Oversized Sunglasses, Sheer Overcoat, Tie Dye Dress, Furry Bag & Metallic Sneakers

Meet Nana Miyashita, the 18-year-old Japanese designer of aNANA Tih Sayim clothing brand. Nana is one of the stars of the Vantan Design Institute’s fashion program. She will present her brand at New York Fashion Week in February 2020.

Sporting twin blonde braids, Nana stepped out in a sheer pink overcoat, which features black polka dot prints and ruffled trims. She wore the sheer coat over a dark blue tie-dye maxi dress, donned black socks with metallic silver sneakers and finished off her style with oversized sunglasses and a furry red sling bag.

Nana loves her own brand, aNANA tih sayim, and she is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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