Avantgarde Handmade Harajuku Street Style w/ Mismatched New Rock & YRU Spiked Boots

Kanji is a 17-year-old Japanese high school student who makes his own clothing, which he often wears around the streets of Harajuku.

His look on this day – which appears to possibly be monk inspired – features a hat, colorful face maek, lots of layers of colorful clothing, and mismatched platform boots including a spike New Rock boot and sequin YRU boot. The entire outfit is handmade and remake with some items originally coming from Asos.

Kanji’s favorite fashion designers and boutiques include Heron Preston and Dolls Kill. His favorite musicians include Bump of Chicken and My First Story. Follow Kanji on Instagram and Twitter for more avant-garde handmade Harajuku street fashion.

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