Balmung Tokyo Street Style w/ Teal Hair, Swimmer, 6%DOKIDOKI, Karl Helmut, OK & Yumetenbo Shoes

Meet Ayana, a 20-year-old in the apparel industry whose teal hair and streetwear ensemble easily caught our eye on the street in Harajuku.

Sporting teal hair styled in twin buns, Ayana is dressed in a Balmung oversized grey colorblock jacket, worn over a handmade white-and-red collar blouse and bottoms from OK. She finished off her style with red gingham socks, silver metallic baby doll shoes from Yumetenbo, and a black teddy bear print crossbody bag from Karl Helmut. She embellished with accessories – from 6%DOKIDOKI and Swimmer – such as strawberry hair ties, butterfly-shaped eyeglasses, and red heart cocktail rings.

Ayana’s favorite fashion brand is Rurumu: and she enjoys the music of Band Ja Naimon! Follow Ayana on Twitter and Instagram.

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