BERCERK “Dirty City” – Japanese Fashion Brand’s Dark Harajuku Street Parade

Japanese streetwear brand BERCERK skipped the runway and brought their Spring collection directly to the rainy streets of Harajuku – the youth-centric Tokyo neighborhood where the brand was born.

Guerilla fashion show on the streets of Harajuku by BERCERK

Founded by Cham, a staffer at the uber-popular Harajuku boutique Never Mind the XU, BERCERK features dark gender neutral streetwear with the concept of “Braver than men, more feminine than women.”

The guerilla street fashion show was titled “Dirty City” and featured six different looks from the latest BERCERK collection. For more info on BERCERK, check the brand’s official Instagram.

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BERCERK “Dirty City” fashion show models:
KARINInstagram / Twitter
RINAInstagram / Twitter
MUMUInstagram / Twitter
RYUNOSUKEInstagram / Twitter
SHOTAInstagram / Twitter
NASHUInstagram / Twitter

Make Up Artist YUMIInstagram / Twitter

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All photos by Kira (Artist Photo)

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