Bercerk Harajuku Designer in Yesterdays Virgins & Elephant Tribal Fabrics

Cham is a 20-year-old who works in the Japanese fashion industry. He is the designer and director of his own fashion brand, Bercerk. We often see him around Harajuku, usually dressed in dark fashion.

Cham’s outfit features a black sweatshirt from Bercerk, a long, black skirt with side slits from Yesterdays Virgins (YV), fishnet stockings, black Nike sneakers, and a black handbag with silver hoops from Elephant Tribal Fabrics. His accessories – some from Yesterdays Virgins – include a black beret, oversized eyeglasses, large hoop earrings, and a chunky lock necklace.

Cham’s favorite band is Bercerk and he loves to listen to Tokyo Gegegay. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

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