Blue-Haired Brooke Candy Fan in Harajuku w/ Long Clothing, Damage & YRU

This is Shoshipoyo, an 18-year-old fashion student we street snapped in Harajuku. He has turquoise braided hair, colored contacts and black lipstick, as well as facial piercings.

Shoshipoyo is wearing a graphic t-shirt from Long Clothing with shorts and a Damage red shirt on top. His “psycho” socks are from Style Icon Tokyo, worn here with YRU flatforms. He is also wearing a shoulder bag from Damage, a bones necklace from OS Accessories, and rings from Dog Harajuku, Vivienne Westwood and Dominic Jones.

Shoshipoyo’s favorite place to shop is Dog and he loves the music of Brooke Candy. You can find more about him from his Twitter and Instagram.

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