Blue Hair & Mixed Prints Tokyo Street Style w/ Chinese Top, Vintage Skirt, Floral Platforms, Butterfly Tassels & Arm Warmers

Lisa is an 18-year-old student we met on the street in Tokyo near Bunka Fashion College. She easily caught our eye with her style of all red mixed prints fashion and her standout blue hair.

Sporting blue twin buns, Lisa’s all red outfit consists of a red satin embroidered Chinese tunic top that she bought at Mercari, which she paired with a red plaid pleated midi skirt, a hand-me-down from her mother. She added white lace ankle socks, and red Tokyo Bopper platform shoes with flower cutouts, and a red metallic tote bag from WEGO. She topped off her style with accessories she bought in Chinatown such as a pair of red Chinese butterfly tassels she attached to her hair buns, eye jewelry, a gold butterfly belt, and she is wearing a pair of mixed print arm warmers.

Lisa likes listening to One OK Rock and she is active on both Twitter and Instagram.

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