Blue Kimono & Vintage Japanese Street Fashion in Harajuku w/ Robe Japonica Items

We stumbled upon this stylish duo, who were decked out in floral prints and vintage pieces while walking around the streets of Harajuku.

On the left, we see a vintage blue kimono worn over a vintage white top with billowy sleeves and vintage white pants. This look was styled with a blue-and-white statement headpiece, a brown leather suitcase, and white pointy-toe boots.

Meanwhile, on the right is a sophisticated take on streetwear with a Snidel light brown maxi coat and a white collared top. They were styled with a black floral print dress, a Sazaby bag, ABC Mart shoes, and a black hat.

Both of them count the Harajuku kimono shop Robe Japonica as their fashion favorite.

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