Blue Layered Streetwear Look In Tokyo w/ Pageboy Cut, Floral Print Necktie, Gap Plaid Shirt, Adidas Track Pants, Coach Handbag & Anti Old School Chunky Sneakers

Here’s Yuuka, a 21-year-old part-timer we met on the streets of Harajuku.

Sporting a pageboy haircut, Yuuka is dressed in a blue Gap plaid shirt, which she layered with a blue cropped sweater and styled with a resale floral print necktie. Shiny blue shorts over blue Adidas track pants, light blue glitter fabric socks and black chunky sneakers from Anti Old School completed her look. In addition, Yuuka is carrying a white handbag with contrast black trims by Coach.

Yuuka’s favorite fashion label is Comme des Garcons and she loves the music of Queen. Follow Yuuka on Instagram.

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