Bubbles Harajuku “Killer” Jacket, Shellie May, Katie, Mon Lily & Candy Stripper

Rinalee is a 19-year-old Bubbles Harajuku staffer who we often see around the streets of Harajuku.

This time, Rinalee is wearing a Bubbles Harajuku “Killer” jacket over a Katie graphic top, a black lace bustier, a lace-trimmed skirt from Mon Lily, and WEGO platform shoes with ruffle socks. Accessories include a Candy Stripper headband in her blonde hairstyle, pastel bracelets, a wrist watch, and a Shellie May bear bag (decorated with “Be Princess” and “Violet” badges) from Tokyo Disney Sea.

Rinalee’s favorite brand is Katie and she likes the music of News. Find her on Instagram or Twitter.

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