Bunka Fashion College Girls in Colorful Mixed Prints & Pink Fashion w/ Peco Club, Angel Blue, 6%DokiDoki, Nakano Ropeway, Decotrand, Dream Date & Yosuke

At Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, we met Chii chan (left), a 20-year-old fashion college student; and Riko (right), a 16-year-old student. We often see and feature them on on our Harajuku snaps and today, they caught our attention with their colorful and mixed prints fashion styles.

Chiichan’s colorful ensemble consists of a striped knit jacket over a denim patchwork jumper dress and striped top, all of which are from Angel Blue. Colorful star print socks over printed tights, orange sneakers, and a Dream Date Muppets backpack completes her outfit. Her accessories – from 6%DokiDoki, Nakano Ropeway and Decotrand – include a pendant necklace layered with a whistle necklace, a Barbie round sling bag, a coin purse necklace, roped colorful clothespins, a cute watch, and a heart ring. Chiichan’s favorite brand is 6%DokiDoki and she likes the music of One OK Rock. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

At the right, blonde-haired Riko’s pink-themed outfit features a pastel pink sweater, a pink zebra print zipper skirt – both from Peco Club – pink socks over white tights, white platform sneakers from Yosuke, a pink backpack and a black round sling bag from Peco Club. Her accessories – mostly from Peco Club – include a purple beanie hat and a belt choker with a lock pendant. Riko’s favorite brand is Peco Club and she listens to South Korean pop duo, TVXQ. She is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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