Bunka Fashion College Kawaii Street Style w/ Turquoise Turtleneck, Dotted Top, Printed Skirt & Multicolored Yarn

Here’s 20-year-old student Lisa, who was spotted at the Bunka Fashion College Student Festival in Shinjuku.

She wore a dotted top with contrasting lilac ribbed cuffs and hem from a Bunka fashion show 10 years ago. Lisa also wore a turquoise ribbed turtleneck and a printed skirt, which was also from the same Bunka fashion show a decade ago. On her feet are turquoise socks with black leather lace-up shoes. Strapped on one shoulder is a crossbody bag made out of multicolored yarn and crochet detail. Her accessories – all of which are from a school festival – include a beaded necklace and braided blue yarn on her hair.

Lisa gets her clothes shopping done at HEIHEI, and she posts social media updates on Instagram and Twitter.

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