Bunka Fashion College Student in Pink Blazer & Biker Shorts w/ Ambush, Pinnap, Kobinai, NanaNana & Yello Clear Boots

Emile is an 18-year-old student at Japan’s Bunka Fashion College who we met on the street in Shinjuku, near Bunka’s main campus.

In addition to pink hair, her look here features a pink Zara blazer with biker shorts, a black turtleneck, clear boots by Yello with Louis Vuitton logo socks. Her clear “Trash Box” bag is by the Japanese brand NanaNana and other accessories, including a jeweled “BABE” choker, and clear belt, are from Ambush, Pinnap, and Kobinai.

Emile’s favorite fashion brands include Ambush, MYOB NYC, and Kobinai. She is active on Instagram.

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