We met these 18 year old Bunka Fashion College students in Harajuku and snapped some pictures of their looks.

The guy’s name is Masataka. He is wearing a hat, a vintage suede trench coat, as well as vintage pants and a top. His bag is Coach and his shoes are Dr. Martens. His necklace and ring are also vintage. His favorite designer is Yohji Yamamoto and his favorite band is Bump of Chicken. Find him on Twitter and Instagram for more information

The girl’s name is Haruka. She paired a black top with a tulle skirt and a velvet jacket, all of which are vintage. Her bag is from Coach and her shoes are Tokyo Bopper. Her accessories include a velvet beret from Aymmy in the Batty Girls, and a vintage earring. Haruka likes shopping at the Harajuku vintage boutique Punk Cake and 『bed』 by brown door. Her favorite band is Judy and Mary. Find her on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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