Bunka Fashion College Styles w/ Pink Hair, Round Glasses, Hello Kitty, Undercover, Mikansei, Pink House, Merry Jenny, & Tokyo Bopper

Easily catching our eye with their cute and chic streetwear looks in Shinjuku are Sora and Nana, two students.

At the left is Nana sporting twin pink tails and a red-and-pink ensemble. The 19-year-old is clad in a pink fuzzy sleeveless Hello Kitty overcoat, which she styled with a red The Seventh Sense sweater with lace trims from Undercover. She finished off her ensemble with resale pink Hello Kitty satin shorts, red cutout socks over pink knee socks, and platform suede wedges from Merry Jenny. Nana embellished her style with accessories – mostly from Mikansei – such as cute hair ties, multiple cocktail rings, and a pink Hello Kitty beaded purse. In addition, Nana is wearing a resale Pink House backpack. Jenny Fax and Rurumu are two of Nana’s favorite fashion brands, and she likes the music of Seiko Oomori and ZOC. For her social media updates, follow Nana on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Sora stepped out in a purple quilted jacket from Merry Jenny, which she wore over a white kanji print t-shirt and a resale dark blue bear print skirt. She also wore a sheer lace camisole dress over her ensemble, and finished off her style with white ribbed socks, and stepped into a pair of beige Tokyo Bopper bow shoes. The 18-year-old accessorized her style with pink hair clips, round eyeglasses, and a white quilted drawstring sling bag with a bear print from Mercari. Sora loves to shop at Merry Jenny, and she also enjoys the music of Seiko Oomori. Sora is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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