Cabbage Patch Kids Tokyo Streetwear Style w/ Zara Pleated Top, Gingham, Jenny Fax Jumper Skirt, Porter Crossbody Bag & Merry Jenny Ankle Wrap Platforms

While we were out at the Bunka Fashion College in Shinjuku, we came across Miyuu, an 18-year-old student.

Miyuu stepped out in a white long-sleeved top from Zara, which features a mock neck collar, puff sleeves and a pleated front. She donned pink gingham shorts, which she wore underneath a black jumper skirt from Jenny Fax, which features a Cabbage Patch Kids front detail and a pleated skirt. Miyuu donned white tights, stepped into red Merry Jenny ankle-wrap platform shoes, and finished off her style with a black Porter crossbody bag.

Aymmy In The Batty Girls is Miyuu’s favorite fashion label, and she loves the music of Oasis. For her social media updates, follow Miyuu on Twitter and Instagram.

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