Casual Eclectic Streetwear Style w/ Black Face Mask, Checkered Blazer, Mesh Sweatshirt, Mukzin Cartoon Pants, Unfil Tote & Grounds Sneakers

Here’s Riku, a 25-year-old designer whose casual eclectic fashion easily caught our eye in Harajuku.

Sporting long blonde hair, Riku is dressed in a resale yellow checkered blazer, worn over layers consisting of a resale black mesh sweatshirt and black tank top. Multi-colored cartoon print pants from Mukzin, peach-colored Grounds sneakers and a gray tote bag from Unfil rounded out their style. A black face mask and a black choker are the finishing touches to their look.

Kinsella is one of Riku’s favorite brands, and they like the music of Elvis Presley. Follow Riku on Instagram.

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