Chic Vintage Kimono Street Fashion in Harajuku

We spotted Miki, Usako and Emi on the street in Harajuku, all sporting kimono.

At the left, Miki is wearing a vintage kimono that includes a pink and white kimono, pink obi belt, and a printed pink kimono jacket. Her accessories include a white knit handbag, drop earrings, and white geta sandals. Miki is active on Instagram.

On the right, Usako with the twin braids’ vintage/antique kimono includes a peach and red cherry blossom print kimono, a black floral obi belt underneath a red floral print kimono jacket, and platform geta sandals. She accessorized with a red fuzzy beret, cluster bead earrings, and a chained handbag with a floral cross stitch design.

At the center, Emi’s ensemble includes a dark blue kimono with a yellow and red print obi belt, a purple printed kimono jacket, and red suede ankle booties. Her accessories include a pair of grey hand sleeves, a statement feather ear cuff, and a furry handbag.

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