Colorblock Harajuku Street Style w/ Handmade Jacket, MRC Noir Pants, Nike Air Force One Sneakers & Gucci Clutch

While taking a stroll around the streets of the Harajuku neighborhood, we came across Nobu, a 19-year-old beauty school student whose brightly-colored street style caught our eye.

Blue-haired Nobu is dressed in a handmade denim jacket with black and red sleeves, which he wore over a grey hoodie jacket and a red-and-black striped turtleneck sweatshirt from Warp. Bright yellow MRC Noir track pants tucked into black ribbed socks and red Nike Air Force One suede sneakers completed his outfit. He accentuated his style with round sunglasses, a gold Givenchy necklace, and a black grommet belt. In addition, he is carrying a Gucci logo print clutch.

Nobu loves to shop at one of Tokyo’s leading streetwear brand retailers, Nubian, and he loves listening to rock and hip hop music. For his social media updates, follow Nobu on Twitter and Instagram.

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