Colorful 1980s-inspired Streetwear w/ Looney Tunes, Peco Club, WC Harajuku & Yosuke

Soso is a 1980s loving 16-year-old Japanese student who we often see on the streets of Harajuku.

Today, Soso – sporting curly twin tails – is wearing a red Warner Bros. Looney Tunes sweater from WC Harajuku, yellow shorts from Forever21, white tube socks and white platform sneakers from Yosuke. He finished off his colorful outfit with a round pink patent sling bag from Peco Club, red hair ties and clear glasses.

Chicago, Peco Club and RRR by Sugar Spot Factory are Soso’s favorite fashion brands. He likes listening to 80’s music, and he is active on both Twitter and Instagram.

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