Colorful Casual Streetwear Style w/ Half Color Hair, Butterfly Necklace, Chicago, Angel Blue Denim Skirt, Little Sunny Bite Kermit The Frog Bag, Butterfly Fall Vintage & Nike

While walking along the streets of Harajuku, we came across Chi-chan, who we often feature on our streets snaps section.

The 22-year-old Kinji shop staff – sporting half-color pink and blue hair – stepped out in a teal Chicago jacket with houndstooth prints and a floral accent. She wore the jacket over layers consisting of a light pink heart print shirt and a red Hysterics tank top, both of which are also from Chicago. She wore a dark blue denim skirt with embroidered patches from Angel Blue, donned butterfly print knee socks and stepped into Nike sneakers with pink and metallic trims. Her accessories – mostly from Butterfly Fall Vintage – include pink hair clips, a butterfly pendant necklace and a white grommet belt. In addition, Chi-chan is toting a round Kermit The Frog bag from Little Sunny Bite.

Chi-chan loves to shop at resale stores and she is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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