Colorful Hair & Fashion in Harajuku w/ Sagi Dolls, Vivienne Westwood, Powerpuff Girls, Galaxxxy, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Tokyo Bopper & Gucci

While walking along the Harajuku street, a group of four girls sporting colorful hair and colorful fashion caught our attention. From left to right, they are: Kathy, a student; Plasticandy, a fashion designer; Syouka, a designer; and Vinci, a fashion designer. Let’s take a closer look at their outfits:

At the left, Kathy’s look consists of a red, plaid dress over a black ribbed sweater, both of which are from Sagi Dolls. Black lace-up boots, a Vivienne Westwood sling bag, a leather beret, heart-shaped sunglasses, and a heart necklace from Sagi Dolls complete her look. Follow her on Instagram.

Pink-haired Plasticandy is wearing a checkered shirt dress from Dead End Kids, Powerpuff Girls knee-high socks, red sneakers, and a pink see through backpack. Her accessories include hair pompoms, cute earrings, heart-shaped sunglasses, a Powerpuff Girls choker, layered necklaces, and colorful bracelets. Plasticandy is active on Instagram.

Unicorn-haired Syuoka’s look features a printed shirt from Galaxxxy, kanji print red pants, pink socks, platform sandals from Yosuke, and a DIY drawstring backpack. Her accessories include colorful hair ties, hoop earrings, ear studs and piercings. For Syuoka’s social media updates, follow her on Instagram.

And at the right, blue-haired Vinci’s ensemble includes a Gosha Rubchinskiy 1984 t-shirt, frayed denim shorts, white socks, Tokyo Bopper platform shoes, and a checkerboard print sling bag. Accessories include a bucket hat, silver hoop earrings, and Gucci sunglasses.

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