Colorful Hair & Mixed Prints Vintage Harajuku Street Style w/ Wooden Platform Sandals & Chanel Suspenders

While walking on the streets in Harajuku, we met Hiruma, a 19-year-old student who caught our attention with her colorful street style and beautiful yellow and under dye hairstyle.

Hiruma’s ensemble features vintage clothing pieces such as a leopard print turtleneck top, a khaki wraparound pleated skirt over floral print chiffon pants, pink socks, wooden platform sandals from Kinji Harajuku, and a brown leather resale sling bag. Her accessories include a fuzzy hat with beaded hair curtain, white cabochon earrings, suspenders from Chanel, and cabochon rings.

Hiruma’s favorite fashion brand is Yoshikazu Yamagata’s popular streetwear brand, Written Afterwards. She likes listening to the music of Glim Spanky. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

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